A message from our Executive Director, Veronica Osborn -

As some of you may know, I have tendered my resignation as Executive Director of The Cedric Literary Awards, effective February 28th, 2018.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to help build “the Cedrics”, and can honestly say it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life. However, it is time for me to move on to other things.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our annual competitions, and a special note of appreciation to all those who support the aspirations of emerging Canadian writers over the age of 50.

Effective March 1st, 2018, please contact: Heather Kohler at hkohler@thecedrics.ca






IMPORTANT NOTICE: Contrary to an ad in the February 6th edition of the Times Colonist, our 2018 writing competition has indeed been cancelled.  We fully expect to run the competition in 2019. Please check back here and on our Facebook page for further updates. Thank you.


A New Year's Message from The Cedric Literary Awards


We are lucky. Very lucky. We are writers.

Sometimes that may seem more curse than blessing, and others may not regard what we do with any more esteem or respect than mowing a lawn. To an outsider this can appear to be a hobby, or maybe a dream that eludes most.

But if that’s how they view you, they aren’t paying enough attention. If you are a writer – and you are if you actually write – you are already living the dream. Because the primary reward of writing comes from within, and you don’t need to get published (although that would be nice, right?) to access it.

Whatever we write, we are reaching out. We are declaring that we are not alone on this planet, and that we have something to share, and something to say. Our writing survives us, even if nobody ever reads a word of it. Because we have given back, we have reflected our truth. We have mattered.

2018 is your year for writing. Make the most of it by entering your work of prose or poetry to our writing competition. Call for Submissions will be February 1st, with a deadline for receipt of submissions on May 1st.

Happy New Year to you all!




Changing the landscape of writing competitions, The Cedric Literary Awards® provides a unique platform to encourage and celebrate unpublished authors of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and children's literature over the age of 50. The juried competition also celebrates First Nations writers, Francophone writers of prose and poetry, and those who represent a pan-Asian heritage.


Launched in 2014 under the proud sponsorship of Betterthan50® the awards program is a first-of-its-kind in Canada, and in its inaugural year (2015) captured the imagination of writers, publishers, and other organizations that support and promote Canadian authors.


The Cedric Literary Awards® exclusively support the 50+ demographic, which is the most under-served and under-recognized segment of our population; those previously unable to invest the time and energy needed to build their talent while busy raising families, and working.


The Cedric Literary Awards® do not demand an author have had success before entering our annual writing competition. Rather, we seek to inspire the most experienced group of unpublished Canadians in our country's history to share their creativity, perspectives and accumulated knowledge.


The founders of The Cedric Literary Awards® believe strongly that inviting mature emerging writers empowers them to come out of social isolation and gives them a platform to showcase their writing as part of a juried competition.


More than 500 writers have participated in the competition since 2015, and in 2017 the awards program was expanded to include writers from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon - with a view to gradually extending the writing competition to the rest of Canada by 2020.  We will continue our expansion in 2018 by inviting writers from Manitoba and the Northwest Territories to submit their work to the competition.


The Cedric Literary Awards® is not a commercial enterprise, and operates as a Canadian not-for-profit corporation with charitable status. 

Registration No. 77972 6892 RR0001


In the future, the awards program will include elements of senior-to-senior mentorship, writer coaching, and editing. In 2018, prizes for each of our winners will be $2,000, with additional prizes being offered to those writers receiving honourable mention for their entries. 



For more information about The Cedric Literary Awards, please log on to: www.thecedrics.ca or email Veronica Osborn, Executive Director, at: vosborn@thecedrics.ca




The Cedric Literary Awards® fournit une plate-forme unique pour encourager et honorer les auteurs non publiés de fiction, d’écriture créative et de poésie, âgés de 50 ans et plus. Les jurés du concours valorisent des écrivains des Premières nations, les écrivains francophones écrivant de la prose et de la poésie et ceux de culture pan-asiatique.


Lancé en 2014 sous le parrainage de Betterthan50®, ce programme de reconnaissance est le premier de la sorte au Canada. Il a attiré l'attention des écrivains, des éditeurs et d'autres organismes qui soutiennent et font la promotion des auteurs canadiens. Le programme de reconnaissance a reçu un statut de bienfaisance en avril 2017.


The Cedric Literary Awards® soutient exclusivement les écrivains de plus de 50 ans, ce segment étant le plus mal desservi et le moins reconnu de notre population ; ceux qui ne pouvaient pas investir le temps et l'énergie nécessaires pour développer leur talent pendant qu’ils élevaient leur famille et qu’ils travaillaient.


Les fondateurs de The Cedric Literary Awards® croient fortement que convaincre les auteurs matures émergents à participer les aide à sortir de leur isolement social et leur donne les moyens pour présenter leurs écrits dans le cadre d'un concours.


Plus de 400 écrivains Britanno-colombiens ont participé au concours depuis 2015. En 2017, le programme de reconnaissance a été élargi pour inclure des écrivains de la Colombie-Britannique, de l'Alberta, du Saskatchewan et du Yukon en vue d’ouvrir le concours au reste du Canada d'ici 2020.


À l'avenir, le programme de reconnaissance comprendra des éléments de mentorat «senior» à «senior», de tutorat d'écriture et d'édition. Chaque prix sera de 3 000 $. Les prix secondaires seront ajoutés à mesure que la participation augmentera et que le financement le permettra.


Pour plus d'informations sur The Cedric Literary Awards®, merci de vous connecter à: www.thecedrics.ca ou par courriel à Veronica Osborn, Directrice générale à: vosborn@thecedrics.ca


Enregistrement de bienfaisance No: 77972 6892 RR0001