Here's a sampling of what people are saying about The Cedric Literary Awards - 

"Just being on the shortlist for this award was a thrill, so winning was over the top!" Karen B. 
“Receiving a Cedric Literary Award has encouraged me to share my words more freely with others, to deepen my exploration of the art and craft of writing, and to continue contributing to the world I live in.” Beth H.
“Many thanks once again for all your help and encouragement.” Andrew G.
"Making the short list was way more than I expected to accomplish, so I am very grateful for that." Rick N.
“I really enjoyed the entire experience.” Lynne M.
“It is a generous endeavour, and acknowledges the serious work of a largely unacknowledged demographic. Certainly for women of my generation, it is only after the busy life of domestic and professional work that we can give the focused time and energy that a serious writing practice requires.” Wendy D.
“I thank you for successfully arranging the Cedric Literary Awards. You did a great job. Bravo!” Eileen H.
“Thank you so much for the time and work that you all put in for us struggling writers.” Margitta M.
“I felt special, and I am sure all the writers did. Thank you so much for all you did to make being a part of the Cedrics so memorable!” Susan B.
“The Award ceremony and your preparation for the event was spectacular!
“Thank you to all those who took up their pens, went to their computers and wrote their stories. It was an amazing experience.” Yvonne B.
“You truly have gone above and beyond in your support of aspiring British Columbia authors “of a certain age”. Patrick S.
“I think your awards program is wonderful, a great idea, and I hope that it continues well into the future.” Paul