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IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is with regret that we have decided to cancel the 2018 writing competition. We fully expect to run the competition in 2019. Please check back here and on our Facebook page for further updates. Thank you.




Please click on the Winning Work link above, to see the list of 2017 winners and finalists, and excerpts of their winning entries!





Please read the following information carefully to make sure your work will be eligible for consideration for a Cedric Literary Award.


The Cedric Literary Awards writing competition is open to all full-time residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, who are aged 50 years of age or better as of January 31st, 2017.

Writers must be un-published, i.e. the competition is not open to those who have previously published a full-length novel, short story or book of poetry with a valid ISBN. Please note that writers who have professional publications or academic theses in print may participate in the awards program. Writers who are unsure of eligibility should contact Veronica at for clarification.

Writers who have previously self-published are not eligible for a Cedric Literary award.

Any work submitted to the competition that has previously been self-published will not be accepted.

Note: “Self-publishing” is the publication of any book or other media by its author without the involvement of an established or traditional publisher. A self-published book is said to have been privately printed i.e. the author is in control of the entire process of publishing that material, either by themselves or by outsourcing some or all of their work to companies offering self-publishing services. If in doubt on this point, please contact Veronica at

Unpublished works being actively considered by another writing contest or prize program, or by a literary agent or publisher, will not be considered for a Cedric award.

Self-published work in print and/or on the Internet, and which has been broadcast or delivered to a public audience, is not eligible for a Cedric award. Exception: Unpublished work read out at poetry readings.

The Cedric Literary Awards will not accept work previously submitted to the writing competition in 2015 or 2016. However, past non-winning participants are welcome to submit new work to the 2017 competition.

Previous Cedric Literary award winners are not permitted to enter the 2017 writing competition (in any of the categories).

  • Fiction – writers may submit a short story of 3,000-7,500 words OR a novella of 20,000-40,000 words.
  • Creative Non-fiction to a maximum of 3,000 words (includes memoir, biography, humour writing, essay, travel writing and feature articles. While the events must be real and the facts true, creative non-fiction entries must adhere to layered narrative and personal reflection. The work must not have been written for a specialized or academic audience.

Note: Creative Non-fiction is crafted with literary techniques such as characterization, plot, setting, and dialogue. We are looking for factually accurate prose about real people and events, written in a compelling, vivid, and dramatic way. The goal must always be to make non-fiction stories read like fiction so that readers are enthralled by fact as much as they are by fantasy.

  • Poetry – writers are invited to submit a collection of 6-8 poems using the theme of “Celebration”.
  • First Nations Writing – First Nations writers are invited to submit one work in one or all of the 3 main categories, and an additional prize for First Nations Writing will be awarded.

Children’s literature will not be accepted for the 2017 awards program.

Work can have been written at any age, but writers must meet the age requirement of 50 or better (as of January 31st, 2017) at the time of submission.

Work can be submitted in either English or French.

Awards will not be granted posthumously.

Awards will not be accepted or given to writers submitting work under another name, i.e. a “nom de plume”.

Bibliographies, instruction manuals, self-help books, scholarly books, textbooks, reference books, conference proceedings, or any work co-published with any other person or organization, are not eligible for a Cedric Literary award.

Work shall not be pornographic or libelous of any person living and/or deceased.

If evidence of plagiarism is found, the entrant(s) will be automatically disqualified from The Cedric Literary Awards.

Finalist work(s) will, in the opinion of the selection panel, demonstrate excellent command of tone, narrative, style, and technique.

Entrants agree to abide by all of the rules as set out by The Cedric Literary Awards.

It is the responsibility of all entrants to ensure their work(s) is submitted to at in compliance with the formatting instructions in place for the writing competition. Please submit your best work to us!

The deadline for submissions for the 2017 competition to be uploaded to has now passed.

When work is uploaded to, the system will prompt you to complete: an Entry Form; a Declaration attesting to your eligibility for a Cedric Literary award and your understanding of the requirements of the category(s) in which your work is being entered. The system will also prompt you to write a covering letter, and pay a $25 non-refundable submission fee.

Late submissions cannot be accepted.

The Cedric Literary Awards will not accept manuscripts by mail or as email attachments.  All entries are to be uploaded using

A writer may only win one prize in one category.

Only one work per category will receive an award.

All work(s) submitted, along with supporting material, are considered confidential, and will never be disseminated without the express permission of the author.

All personal information collected from entrants is considered confidential, used solely for the purposes of administering the Cedric Literary Awards, and will not be used for any purpose other than with the consent of each entrant.

All authors retain copyright to the work(s) they enter.



Formatting Instructions

All manuscripts must be formatted as follows before uploading to

  • Use MS Word
  • Use a standard font, 12-point, Arial or Times New Roman
  • 1” margin on all sides of the page
  • Double-space the entire text for Fiction and Creative Non-fiction entries
  • Single-space text for Poetry submissions, and begin each poem on a new page
  • Indent 5 spaces for each new paragraph
  • Use a title page – but do not include your name anywhere on the manuscript
  • Don’t number the title page, but begin numbering with the first page of the text of the submission
  • Use a header on each page, including the title of your work and the page number. Do not include your name in the header.
  • Start each new chapter (where applicable) on its own page, one-third of the way down the page
  • Begin the body of the chapter (where applicable) 4-6 lines below the chapter title (where applicable)



Judging Process

All of the members of the Selection Panel are carefully selected, and are recognized members of the Canadian literary community and/or award-winning writers in their own right.

Two members of the selection panel will be assigned to each of the main categories in the 2017 Cedric Literary Awards.

The names of the Selection Panel members will remain confidential until after the conclusion of the competition.

All entries will be judged “blind”, i.e. the author’s name will not appear on the manuscript they review.

All of the judges’ decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Every attempt will be made to obtain feedback to writers from members of the Selection Panel at the conclusion of the competition.

Refusal to accept a prize releases The Cedric Literary Awards and its respective officers and employees from any obligation to winners.

If, in the opinion of the selection panel, prizes cannot be awarded in any/all categories, The Cedric Literary Awards reserves the right to cancel the competition.


Waivers and Releases

All winners must meet the conditions described above. Failure to do so will disqualify a winner from receiving a prize.

The Cedric Literary Awards assumes no liability resulting from losses, delays, incorrect postal or email address, typographical errors, technical, computer, or telephone problems, loss or theft of computer or telephone data, damage to software or computer equipment, and fraudulent calls.

The Cedric Literary Awards may, in its sole discretion, prohibit any person from entering the contest that it believes has abused the rules set out in this document. Such abuse includes plagiarism, entering false information, entering more than one work per category, and re-submitting work previously entered in the competition.


Expectations of Entrants and Prizewinners

Participants agree to abide by all of the rules as set out by The Cedric Literary Awards.

It is the responsibility of all entrants to ensure their work is submitted in accordance with the competition deadlines.


Please address all enquiries to:            Heather Kohler at